Singers today are having the problem of digital pirate issue. Once the album is release, copies of the songs are already distributed around the web with no limitation. Although it is illegal, it is hard to control. Myanmar internet opened from 2010 fully. However most of the useful web services and apps are not yet in Myanmar. Those problem make people in Myanmar do pirating lots of digital materials. That is the general issue. Here by, I would like to raise the topic about how to make money for singers in Myanmar because selling albums in traditional way are already outdated.

Audio and Video streaming service

Music streaming services such as Spotify are famous and being used by millions of people around the world. However they are not in Myanmar yet. Smartphone users in developed countries do not put in the music into their storage. They store music on Music apps such as Spotify or Apple Music. The pricing is affordable for them like around 9 USD. There are several packages to choose such as family, individual, etc. so the price go cheaper. Music can be listened offline too.  From such audio apps, singers get paid by pps (pay per stream). Similarly, video streaming/ hosting service such as Vevo also pay to singers based on ppv (pay per view). In 2015, according to a report, Rihanna get paid over 3000 USD per day from the video platform. Music apps are not starting up in Myanmar. But there is no video platform yet. Anyhow, singers can also establish own YouTube platform and sign up for Google publisher account. We agree that singers are not experts in those area. There should be video platform companies soon in Myanmar which will help singers get paid for video.

Live Show/ Concerts

Live Show/ Concerts are also big money for singers. Justin Bieber’s ticket sale for Purpose tour was over 50 Million USD according to a report. Live listening culture will never be dead in any part of the world. There are also many famous live show and music tour in Myanmar. Singers in Myanmar should embrace this opportunity as well and yes, most of Myanmar singers are doing this.

Brand advertising/ brand endorsing

Justin Bieber got paid about 4M USD for the contract with CK brand. There are also many singers in Myanmar who are hired as a brand ambassador and brand endorser. This include from billboard picture to video content. Here singers should not forget about Influencer marketing. Brands are needing local singers to endorse their brand on social media. Huawei recently hired famous singer/actor Tun Tun for endorsing Huawei P10/P10Plus in Myanmar. Many brands in Myanmar already started brand endorsing since 2015. This will become one of the biggest income for local singers in Myanmar in 4 years.

Other business is not only famous for his song, but also famous for beats by Dr. Dre brand. Kylie is not only famous for modelling, but also famous for Kylie cosmetic brand. There are now also many local singers who do their own business by using their image and fame. Singers may not be experts in other business type. In that case, singers can partner with other experts.

Embracing audio, video streaming service, doing live show, concerts, music tour, accepting brand advertising/ endorsing opportunity and doing other business are all what local singers in Myanmar can do apart from just selling music albums.

Aung Kham

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