I came across to teach using social media for Myanmar Parliaments today, 31st of June. I realised that there are so much room to fill in the need of Myanmar Parliaments for technology. In Myanmar, there are over 20 millions mobile phone users. Internet user population may go the same ratio with it but internet literacy rate is quiet lower than we expected. Usage of social media is an important need to engage with citizens today. Especially it is more important when to engage with youths. Beside giving training to Myanmar Parliaments, I was going to Nay Pyi Taw to train Hotel managers about e-marketing as well. Hotel managers are graduated and experience workers from oversea countries. However, their skill at internet is also still needing to improve. Internet 101 and social media 101 is mostly for elder people in developed countries such as U.S. and UK. But those courses are really needed for everyone else in Myanmar. Seeing that many NGOs are dong capacity building training throughout Myanmar, but there a fully intensive program of educating people about internet is still needed. Only after we can pass that step, other steps such as introducing online payment systems and other needs will be fulfilled. There are also many organisations which focus on educating people about internet related subjects such as internet security, social media usage, etc. Myanmar need organisation and human resources which can fulfil the needs of 55 millions of population. Corporation between Myanmar experts and foreign experts is need to bring out effective result. Myanmar will be looking forward to see NGOs and organisations which educate them for internet. Aung Kham

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