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Facebook, the biggest social media platform in Myanmar in terms of the user population, has been a craving for many people in Myanmar. To speak about the data, Facebook show there are now over 10 to 15 Millions of active users monthly. Yes. It is increasing dynamically. No companies which need consumer and audience from any place can avoid Facebook. They have to create Facebook page. It is the easy start. The difficult stage arise when considering about post frequency. I have been asked a lot and complaint a lot for being posting lots of frequency in some several pages that concerns to me in terms of the business relation. There are now some new social media passionate youths uprising in the market. It is the good sign. The difficult thing start when they are asked to post a lot because those passionate one think there should be only one or two post per day on Facebook. My suggestion is posting four post if the company need can be good. The reasons are below. User Behavior I know you read a lots of global social media and marketing geek websites which says to only post one post per day. Forget about those articles. This is Myanmar. The difference between Myanmar and the other market is user behaviors. I have been to Vietnam which is a little similar to Myanmar at the background of economy, technology, and HDI. But of course, Vietnam is a little much better. The topic to hight here is their people’s user behaviors. Their most using social media is not Facebook. It is a social app called Zalo. And then Facebook follow. But Vietnam people read news a lot on websites. So let’s investigate the Myanmar people’s user behaviours. I should have made a formal research to write this article but trust me on what I suppose to say now. Burmese people prefer to read everything on Facebook. When the internet connection was bad until 2014, people spent their time on Facebook and there were over 3 Millions Facebook user only. But now there are already over 10 Millions users. But the majority of the users are youths, 18 to 24. Do you think they will browse the news website very often? Of course, there will be. But those who browse other website, apart from Facebook, will be very small group of people. Facebook is top 2 website in Myanmar after Google. Facebook has more 10 millions active user every month., a video cracking and sharing website, is top 7 website in Myanmar. It only has less than 1 million user every month. Top 2 and Top 7 are been very different in terms of the user population. In ChannelMyanmar, users from Myanmar region is only around 28 percent. It means it only has over 280K Myanmar users. Now you see the number very clear. Check more data at Similarweb.  Count on me for such people by the way. So I asked to 20 people in the company I am working about their internet usage. They spend total 4 hours per day on Facebook, 1 hour on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Viber, WeChat and other chat apps. What they do on Facebook is now mostly watching funny videos. Yes. They also read the news about local conflict situation. And then they follow what their friends are posting. They also update their feeling every day. So where is the time for reading news on other websites? Oh, they can still play the game such as candy crush and COC. There used to be a short rising fame of Pokemon Go and so they followed that trend as well. Therefore in terms of the user behavior, it is a definite proof that Facebook is king for every activity of internet users in Myanmar. Facebook News Feed algorithm User behavior of internet users in Myanmar is giving more favor on Facebook. Facebook is more busy other any other social media platform in Myanmar to provide new feeds. Forget about algorithm, Facebook’s job is to provide as much feeds as possible according to user’s inquiry. Do you think Facebook will stop going feeds to users because users already hit limitation of his/ her daily feed availability? I hope you have same thinking with me this time. Facebook will definitely provide as many new feeds as possible. What do Facebook show as new feeds for users?Those include Friend’s updates, Following person’s updates, Group’s updates and of course, page updates. But the updates from page to which users follow are seem to be placed at least priority according to Facebook algorithm. For me, I mostly see my friend’s updates on Facebook because I don’t usually click like on page posts. Facebook’s new feed play according to user’s behavior. So when coming back to the topic of the algorithm, what I mean here is Facebook’s new feeds play according to the market situation. Users in USA may scroll up and down for 10 times, but users in Myanmar may do it about 50 times. Therefore, Facebook may be working more for Myanmar people to give more relevant contents. User inquiry is high in Myanmar. Facebook want more posts from more people and more pages. So if your page is just posting one post, Facebook will only take one from you to show on your fan’s feeds. But when I post three post, Facebook take all three posts to show on my fans’ new feeds. No pay, no reach You can still disagree with me for user behavior and news feed working style of Facebook. But I believe you totally agree with me on the fact ‘no pay, no reach’. Facebook is not a NGO. Facebook is a commercial platform where advertising is happening everyday. If you don’t do advertisement for your page posts, you are less likely reach to your fan. So you have to do it. You may post one post and boost the post for 10 USD to reach to 10K amount of people. It is a good try but others will be post 4 posts and spending 50 dollars per post to reach to 200K of people. Competition mostly based on the amount of money. Organic reach and organic fan growth are still gold but money can buy most of those. There is a Myanmar saying called ‘money can buy everything, but heart’. It is true for Facebook too. You can buy audience volume and reach amount, but it does not mean your product and service will be sold out. It does not mean your company will be loved. Of course, people will be getting bored or annoyed for seeing many posts from your page. But will they ignore your post if you are paying them many gifts for free for them just by clicking like and share? I will do 4 post and I will giveaway something everyday or may be weekly. You pay the money to Facebook, you reach to your audience. Forget about post numbers. Summary International social media and marketing firms play as an international player. They follow international rule. But Facebook algorithm play according to the local market? I could be asked if my saying about Facebook algorithm here is right or wrong. I’m not from Facebook company and no one give me this information. But if I were a Facebook owner, I will do such way as giving as many feeds as possible according to user request. But of course, I will not allow fake news. I managed several pages through out my career in marketing for more than six years. Most of the pages are been successful. I post 3 post per day on average. All are successful. I could only do few post on this page, Myanmar Entrepreneur, and so I am seeing big drops on fan reach and engagement. Again, no pay no reach! Aung Kham P.S. by the way, the picture used in the article is not really matching with the situation in Myanmar. Kids who lives in rural areas in Myanmar cannot use such computer yet due to the income amount of the household members.

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