The problem is Myanmar Web content creator/ writers don’t take time for linking in text. For example, we don’t usually put click-able link (active link) in any articles on websites. Linking is very important for Data searching. However Google is improving search technology for Myanmar Web content. Search will not give the best result unless web admin are not linking.

There are two type of linking.

1) Internal linking (Inbound linking)
2) External linking (Backlinking)

Web content updaters don’t usually insert any inbound link or external link. Then the sites are not optimized well. As the site is not optimized well, people cannot get good information. Media website may be thinking that inserting link is a busy job. And they don’t even want to insert link to texts when we asked. That’s the problem I founded out when worked at Rocket internet Myanmar.

Then so Myanmar web content are very individual.and hard to find more resources. Beside that fact, they are not using Myanmar Unicode.

Online marketing always take care of linking. Linking can give benefit for SEO. It’s good for both size. Not a one-sided benefit. It’s win-win strategy. If you refers other website (helpful resources) in your articles, people may like it. What people like is what search engines like. Helpful resources might be in your website and in another website. If you link to other website, it is external linking. If you link to your article in the same website, it is internal linking.

There are lots of things to consider when linking. For example, there are two types of link, follow link and non-follow link. There are also some rules to follow when linking in article. You shouldn’t put too much links in one articles. Do you wanna learn about it? I am going to make a workshop on it at SuleTech. But the time and detail is not confirmed yet. I will update you.

Author: Aung Kham

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