When I worked in a NGO project related with Hotels, I got chance to work together with a German expert. One day, I asked him for his opinion about comparison between Myanmar and Lao. He said “I see Myanmar has brighter future than Laos. I used to work in Laos for many years. I worked with young people like you in their country as well. But they are not ambitious like you. When I ask something, the response and action are late. But here in Myanmar, youths are really ambitious and willing to work. And they are active. Therefore Myanmar youths has brighter future if the government invest in the foundation of quality education”. After listening his thought, I feel proud. But I checked the HDI and GDP status of Myanmar. Yes, Myanmar rank is still the lowest in ASEAN in comparison of HDI. So what we should do are as follow – 1) We should read more books than those in other countries. We need to invest more in the education. For us like mid-age adults, we cannot go back to school and universities, but what we can do are learning vocational skills and practicing more. Internet policy in Myanmar is now open. We should embrace this opportunity. 2) Normal people works 8 hours per day and enjoy the life. For us, we might have to work more. We might have to take time to study after working hour. We might have to practice and test more. 3) This is not American. Therefore there is no such American dream yet in Myanmar. If you have a dream of making your life better individually, it is not worthy yet to be a good citizen in Myanmar. You are having a self-centered goals and dreams. In Myanmar, general goal of human development and economic growth are more important. You work harder for yourself, but you must contribute back to your society to develop the country. You must interest in politic as well. Don’t be a solo man with self satisfying dreams. 4) You want a quality life. Others want it as well. When you can get it, you can keep quiet. But it is better to share with other by any means you can. I wish you all know where and when you should be proud of holding and raising Myanmar flag.

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