This thought came to my mind since five years ago but now this thought make me feel true again and again because of the current Facebook case with US congress. How data can be used Data can be used in both business purpose and political purpose. In developing countries like Myanmar, data is fatal and that can lead to ruining a country. From 2011, the internet was just opened. Massive internet user growth just started from 2015 when 3G SIM cards were launched. This means Myanmar people are not yet familiar with internet. Literacy at internet is 4 out of 10 in quality. This means that information on internet can easily change what people believe in Myanmar. It is so early to talk about internet payment growth in Myanmar until knowledge of using internet is low. Myanmar citizens are been in shame since religion and ethnic issues are being circulated and shared a lot on Facebook. Rohingya issue and extreme believe in religion were most common problem in Myanmar social network to talk about. Since Facebook was not been a role to handle and monitor all messages and information, hate speech and violent driven posts were shared and spread. That saturation made people misbelieve of real situation happened in Rakhine state. This is just an example I’m putting in this article. There are actually lots of case to measure and point out. All this prove that social media information are sensitive for Myanmar citizens and this citizens are very vulnerable to information. Therefore data can be used easily to interrupt My political situation.Why nation based social network should be there Facebook has its vision that connect people in the world. Its mission is going on but its side mission, as I believe is, to create revenue bigger. As to increase more revenue and profit, the more data has to be collected for better data driven marketing activities of business. Facebook collect information of every people in many countries except few such as China. Its few data (over 87 million people data) has been mis-used by a third party company as Facebook was not able to control the case. I don’t know how many case of such will happen more in future, but as Mark said in Congress that election is happening around the globe. Myanmar will have in few years soon too. How Facebook will help Myanmar? As he mentioned dozens of Myanmar employee are sitting in office to monitor and clean the fake account, will the hand held amount of staff be able to manage the possible crises in Myanmar social network? By looking at the bigger future, is it safe for Myanmar citizen sharing theirs data and information to a foreign company? Sharing data and information to American is still safer than sharing to China based companies. But what will be the safest solution? It is why local own social network should exist in each country. From here, I just mention for Myanmar country, a vulnerable one to information. The competition is always there. Even Facebook is accessible for Russian citizens, they still prefer VK. Vietnamese still prefer Zalo. Chinese people, with no choice, use WeChat and Weibo. Japanese owned Line is popular in both Japan and Thailand. That makes me feel right to have a local social network which accept competition with Facebook and other social networks. With good proven privacy policy, user terms and condition, user experience, and attractive strategy to expand the community size, I welcome local social network if there is any to start. There used to be DoeMyammar.com and some others but they failed because of technology and strategy needs to grow. In the investment wide, it was not easy for them too. The competition is now already seem as an impossible but there are always been ways. Having example of Instagram growth and Snapchat, different approach and lucrative to local users will always be there. Is it good to share information and data of local citizens to foreign businesses which has invisible missions and activities which to we don’t know whether it could bring good or bad? As I mentioned that Myanmar citizens are vulnerable to information and easy to be influenced. While internet brought good to the country such as true taste of democracy, freedom of speech, bad thing will also come along to that we cannot avoid. What we can do is to educate people more in Myanmar about internet and to encourage local business or company with good moral and attitude to think about making local based social network. I want social networks which do not care and collect my interest and nature of my usage. I want social media which do not show one one Ad per three posts. I want social media which do not spread hate speeches.Aung Kham

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